Aesthetic Urology

Ankara aesthetic urology is generally the removal of congenital or acquired deformities in the male genital area and their treatment both visually and functionally.

Beauty has been sought throughout the history of civilization and the individual has always been interested in what is beautiful in nature and in her/his own body. There are various procedures for the correction of asymmetries and deformities in the body of the individual also in medicine. Thanks to the developing medicine and technological advances, deformities of the male genital organs can also be corrected.

Aesthetic Urology Operations

Aesthetic urology operations are as follows:

  • Elimination of penile curvature
  • Penis extension
  • Penis enlargement
  • Hypospadias

The above are performed for both visual and functional purposes. Aesthetic urology operations performed by surgical and non-surgical methods are among the applications frequently applied in recent years.

With these operations, which are also known as genital organ aesthetics, the thinner than normal penis can be enlarged (usually by oil injection), penile curvature can be corrected, the condition called buried penis can be corrected, and the urinary hole, which is defined as hypospadias (prophet circumcision), can be treated.

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