Do Not Hesitate To Share Your Sexual Problems With Your Doctor

Contrary to popular belief, sexual problems are common in society. Almost 60% of men older than 40 have sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction). Their incidence increases with age. Comorbidities are a serious risk for these diseases. Diabetes, blood pressure disease, advanced age, drugs used, atherosclerosis, smoking and alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet, obesity and sedentary life are serious risk factors especially for erectile dysfunction.

So far, there is no problem with our medical information. The most important problem that I have observed as a physician is that a urologist is not consulted for sexual dysfunction that is so common, or that it is not considered a disease and there is no reason to seek medical attention. Imagine, a patient who is 60 years old, spent 30 years with his wife/her husband and has serious problems, but does seek medical attention because he/she is embarrassed. They think ‘it's a shame’, ‘how do I say it’, ‘what do people say’. But they spend most of their 30-year sexual life with lack and inadequacy. Both the partner and the patient feel unhappy. Therefore, a healthy sexual activity is very important for the happiness of couples. It should in no way be overlooked.

First of all, I must say that there are many different alternative treatments for the treatment of such sexual health problems. There are detailed inquiries, detailed examinations and analyzes to identify the problems. Urologists now have more information on such problems. There are andrology and sexology disciplines that examine only such problems, and there are physicians who deal only with these disciplines. In addition to the current new and harmless drugs, new treatments such as shock therapy applied to the penis, PRP (injection of the plasma part of the person's own blood into the penis), ultraviolet treatments that increase the penile blood flow (light therapy - UVLrx) are among the treatment alternatives. We successfully administer each of these methods in our clinic. Especially PRP and Light Therapy stand out as promising new and harmless methods. These two treatments are administered in sessions completely in an outpatient setting.

As a result, sexual problems are common and affect a significant percentage of men in society. But these are treatable problems. There is no situation that requires the person to become pessimistic and condition herself/himself to the conclusion that the treatment will fail. Of course, there is a possibility for everyone to experience such problems throughout life. Problems are now easy to treat through good analysis and appropriate treatment methods. After a simple treatment and suggestion, the sexual life of couples can cease to be a nightmare. Get medical help for your sexual problems and do not hesitate to get information from your doctor and be examined. This problem is not just you.

Finally, I will have some suggestions on preventing sexual dysfunctions. Sleep regularly, take a brisk walk for 45 minutes every day, definitely quit smoking, definitely control if you have diabetes, and most importantly, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KIRAÇ, Urologist

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