Holep - Laser Prostate Surgery

Ankara HoLEP a method that is defined as prostate enucleation via holmium laser in the medical literature and has become the gold standard in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in recent years. HoLEP, which has been used quite frequently especially in the last 10 years, provides many advantages to the patient and the surgeon. HoLEP, which can still be applied in a limited way in our country, is very effective in the very common benign prostatic hyperplasia problem.

HoLEP Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Surgery Ankara

Treatment through HoLEP is administered to patients who have Ankara benign prostatic hyperplasia, who do not benefit from drug therapy, who are frequently exposed to infection problems, or who need catheter use.

HoLEP is anesthetizing the lower lumbar region of the patient and reaching the prostate gland through the urinary canal, separating the prostate tissue from the urinary canal and taking it out in pieces.

Advantages Of HoLEP Laser Prostate Surgery In Ankara

The risk of bleeding in HoLEP laser prostate surgery is minimal. In addition, within a short period of 24 hours, patients can return to their daily lives without a catheter. Ankara HoLEP laser surgery is also effective in large prostate tissues. All patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia can apply for the HoLEP method.

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