Kidney Stone Surgery Without Radiation (Without Fluoroscopy)

Radiation-free Kidney Stone Surgery (without Fluoroscopic Guidance)

Kidney stone disease is one of the most common urinary system diseases in the world. According to studies, although kidney stone disease is seen at a rate of 1% to 20% in the society, it is more common in hot climates due to high water loss.

Kidney stone problem has been reported about 3 times more in men than in women. The kidney stone problem, which significantly affects daily life comfort, can now be removed by radiation-free surgery in a much more reliable way under ultrasound guidance.

Kidney stone surgeries, in which open surgery technique was used in the past, are now performed with endoscopic methods, regardless of the size and location of the stone.

How Radiation-free Kidney Stone Surgery (without Fluoroscopic Guidance) is Performed?

Standard kidney stone and ureteral stone surgeries are performed by means of a device called fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is a source that provides X-rays and increases the safety of the procedure by creating instant X-ray images during the procedure. Many things such as the location of the stone and the placement of the inserted stent are displayed through fluoroscopy. Apart from these benefits of fluoroscopy, it has a serious disadvantage such as emitting radiation. Both the patient and the operating team are exposed to this radiation dose. Although there is radiation exposure within safe limits, some problems may arise when this effect lasts for a long time.

Thanks to different techniques developed in recent years, kidney and ureteral stones can be broken with the help of a flexible ureteroscope without the need for a fluoroscopy device. With this technique, unnecessary use of radiation is avoided. Studies have shown that the results of radiation-free kidney stone surgery and standard surgeries are similar. We have a large number of studies on radiation-free kidney stone surgery in both children and adults in Turkey. (Kirac M, Arab J, Urol, 2019, Kirac M J. Endourol 2018, Kirac M, Urology Journal, 2014)

Since 2015, we have been routinely performing these surgeries without using a fluoroscopy device.

After Radiation-free Kidney Stone Surgery

The patient can be discharged one day after the radiation-free kidney stone surgery. The patient completes the recovery process without affecting the quality of life.

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