Laparoscopic Surgery For The “Giant” Prostate

Laparoscopic Surgery For The “Giant” Prostate

The patient, who was found to have a prostate 10 times the size of the normal in the emergency department he admitted with the complaint of inability to urinate, regained his health after laparoscopic surgery.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kirac, a urologist, stated that the prostate of this size was preferred to be removed by open surgery, but the laparoscopic surgery was successful through the “Plasma Kinetic TUR” method they performed.

Fazil Kapicioglu (57), who has been having trouble urinating for 3-4 months, admitted to the emergency department because he could not urinate for the last month. Catheterization was performed in the emergency room and it was determined that Kapicioglu's prostate reached 10 times the normal size.

Kapicioglu’s prostate gland was removed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kirac, a urologist, through a laparoscopic surgery performed with the “Plasma Kinetic TUR” method within 110 minutes.

It Is Seen In Advanced Age

Stating that in patients with benign prostatic enlargement, a prostate of this size that is 10 times the normal size is rare, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kirac who performed the operation, explained further:

“Benign prostatic enlargement is a common disease in advanced age, especially in men over 60 years of age and usually causes complaints of frequent urination and strain, and intermittent urination. Prostate gland of a normal person weighs 20 to 25 grams. The enlarged prostate weighs on average 80-90, sometimes 100-110 grams. The fact that the patient's prostate reaches such a size shows that the disease has a history of 10 years. Because the patient neglected the treatment for many years, the prostate gland enlarged excessively and reached 240 grams”.

Expressing that the patient was diagnosed in the emergency department because he could not urinate, Kirac said that the only treatment for the solution of the problem is removal of the prostate, and open surgery is normally preferred for the removal of prostates over 80 grams, but according to the surgeon's experience, the laparoscopic method can be preferred for prostates weighing 100-120 grams.

Kirac stated that they have applied to the “Plasma Kinetic TUR” method, which has been applied in recent years in order to avoid problems in laparoscopic surgery because the patient's prostate enlarged excessively, and said the following about the method:

“The classical laparoscopic method is performed by passing an electric current through the patient's body. This can cause problems in patients with heart conditions. In this method, however, such problems are not seen since no electric current passes through the patient's body. The possibility of bleeding in the patient is reduced and the risk of complications is minimized. Because of these advantages, we were able to remove the prostate with excessive size by laparoscopic surgery using the Plasma Kinetic TUR method”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kirac stated that the patient was discharged in 1 day and the catheter was withdrawn on the postoperative day 4, and said, “the patient's condition is good at the moment and he has no problems”.

I'm Like Young

Fazil Kapicioglu, who regained his health after the operation, said that he did not want to be treated for many years because he was afraid of the operation, but when he could not urinate, he admitted to the emergency department and had to stay with a catheter for a long time.

Stating that he has been experiencing great difficulties for the last month, Kapicioglu said, “I feel very good now. I am like young”.

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