Penis Aesthetics and Penis Extension

In men, sexual organ aesthetics is called penile aesthetics. The thickness, functionality and length of the penis are very important for men. Some men feel uncomfortable due to the deformities of the penis. Therefore, they prefer to have penile aesthetics. Patient is examined and the stages of the aesthetic process are determined. Many problems such as penile deformities and deformities secondary to circumcision can be corrected through aesthetics. Thus, all aesthetic concerns are eliminated and the quality of the patient's sexual life increases.

What Is Penile Aesthetics?

Penile aesthetics is the surgical correction of the penile deformities that men complain about. Deformities that men consider important are corrected. Corrections for penis length and thickness can also be made. In addition, errors in the penis secondary to circumcision are corrected by penile aesthetics. In short, most of the deformities that men complain about the penis can be eliminated in this way. Some examinations are made first and a treatment stage is determined accordingly. First of all, the patient's complaints are taken into account. The patient is examined according to these complaints. After the aesthetic procedure, the patient's penile deformities are corrected.

How is Penile Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

For penile aesthetic surgeries, the patient's complaints should be listened to first. Then, an evaluation is made according to these complaints. Examination and test results are evaluated. A treatment phase is determined according to these results. Only the aesthetic operation is performed if the patient's results are normal. A phase suitable for the purpose of the said aesthetic operation is determined. Depending on the operation, preoperative local or general anesthesia is administered. It is important which of the operations of penis lengthening, penile thickening or penile deformity correction will be performed.

Penis Extension Surgery

Penis extension surgery is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room environment. It is performed in order to make the penis more functional, especially during sexual intercourse. The results of preoperative tests should be evaluated. Then, a treatment method suitable to the patient should be determined. Penis enlargement surgery is performed in several different ways.  In the most common procedure, the connective tissues between the penis and the pelvis are cut and the penis is brought forward and extended. Thus, the penis will be extended. In this procedure, no additional parts or substances are used for the penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery can be performed for men whose penis is congenitally thin or thin due to weight problems. The thin penis, which usually reduces the quality of men's sexual life, can be corrected through penis enlargement surgery. Penis enlargement surgery can be performed with 3 methods. One of them is fat transfer, the second is filler injection and the third is tissue transfer.  Fat transfer is the most preferred method. However, the method to be applied is determined according to the results of the examinations.

Penile Deformity Correction Surgery

Penile deformity correction surgery is performed to correct problems that may arise from circumcision errors, developmental disorders and many other reasons. The patient's penis problem is examined and a treatment phase is determined accordingly. To correct the penile deformity, prosthesis is implanted or penile aesthetics is performed. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In the surgery performed according to the patient's complaints, deformities are corrected and the penis is aimed to have a better appearance.

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