The Much Talked About But Little Known Disease: Varicocele

The Much Talked About But Little Known Disease: Varicocele

Stating that varicocele is treatable, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kirac, a urologist, said the true known misconceptions about varicocele:

Varicocele is a vein disease seen in men. It is more common at younger ages.  This disease is very common in society. It occurs in one in four men on average. Although its incidence is high, the problems it causes are not that high. Many people may not even realize they have varicocele.  Varicocele is the most common cause of male infertility. It is also the most common correctable cause of male infertility. So the presence of varicocele should not stress you out.  

So What Problems Does Varicocele Cause?

Varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the veins, usually in the left testicle. Due to the enlarged veins, the dirty blood of the testis cannot be transported and ponding occurs. This leads to an increase in the temperature of the testis. Testicular temperature is very sensitive, even 1 degree difference impairs sperm production. The effect of varicocele is the deterioration of sperm production with an increase in temperature. The movement of sperms decreases, their number and morphology may deteriorate. The amount of sperm may decrease. Therefore, it may be delayed for couples to have children. Varicocele can also lead to reduced testicular size and non-cosmetic appearance. Severe pain may occur in some patients.

Palpable mass and abnormal appearance are the most common findings in people with varicocele. Patients usually apply to the doctor by observing them. In some patients, testicular pain is the reason for visiting doctor. It can also be detected during the examination of some couples who cannot have children. The first thing to be done in a patient with varicocele is sperm analysis. Because varicocele can affect sperm counts.

Varicocele is treated surgically. Surgical treatment reveals much more successful results in advanced varicocele. We perform varicocele surgery using a microsurgical technique through a small incision. Patients are discharged at the postoperative hour 12 and can return to their daily lives after 2-3 days. When varicocelectomy is performed as a microsurgery, it is an extremely comfortable operation for the patient.

Unfortunately, every man who is diagnosed with varicocele or who thinks that he has varicocele unconsciously searches for information on the Internet and does not interpret this information correctly. My advice to my patients is to stay away from unnecessary information on the Internet and to ignore information other than what your doctor says. Please interpret academic publications and data with your physician, and most importantly, do not stress because you have varicocele. Because varicocele is a disease with treatment. It can be treated very successfully through microsurgical technique.

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