What Is Circumcision?

History of Circumcision

Circumcision is a procedure practiced for both religious and health purposes throughout the history of civilization. Parents ask many questions such as how circumcision is done and what is the right time for circumcision.

What Is Circumcision?

Circumcision is defined as the surgical incision of the skin tissue covering the urinary hole in the tip of the penis in the operating room environment. This foreskin covers the urinary hole and can cause many problems for hygienic reasons. If the area is not cleaned regularly, infection may occur. In adulthood, it can develop a carrier feature in terms of innately transmitted diseases. For this reason, circumcision, which is recommended for health, can be performed for the purpose of protection in order to avoid these problems.

When Should Circumcision Be Done?

The right time for Ankara circumcision has become a matter of debate in recent years. The best time for circumcision is the period when the child is physiologically and psychologically adequate. However, it is recommended not to perform circumcision between the ages of 2 and 7, when psychological development is intense. Neonatal circumcision is common in recent years. The time when the baby is psychologically suitable for the surgical procedure is the neonatal period. Therefore, circumcision is recommended to be performed in the neonatal period.

Benefits Of Circumcision

Benefits of circumcision are:

  • Urinary tract inflammation can be prevented. Studies have shown that circumcised babies older than 6 months experience less urinary tract infections.
  • Ensuring hygiene. The hygiene of the penis tip is easier after circumcision.
  • Penile cancer can be prevented. According to studies, the risk of penile cancer after circumcision has been reported to be lower.
  • Premature ejaculation can be prevented. There is less risk of premature ejaculation after circumcision.

What Are The Methods Of Circumcision?

There are many techniques defined for circumcision, but today generally 3 different methods are practiced:

Bell Method: It is the process of compressing the foreskin with metal plates and cutting the remaining tissue. It is generally performed in the neonatal period.

Laser – Cautery Method: It is the process of cutting tissue with laser. Experienced physicians should perform this method.

Surgical Method: It is performed by surgical methods. It is considered the most reliable method. I usually recommend surgical circumcision to my patients.

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