What To Know About Penıs Enlargement

What Is Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement is one of the aesthetic urology applications applied in adult men when the penis is not thick enough. The penis is of great importance for sexuality as well as the discharge of urine and semen. For this reason, enlargement can be performed to the penis, which is not thick enough in a hard state, and this process has been preferred quite often in recent years.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis size can vary depending on race and geography. In our country, the average penis size is 13.9 centimeters when it is hard. The condition of penis length less than 9.3 centimeters is called micropenis.

Deformities of the penis, being short and thin are an important problem for men, and today, as a result of the technological developments in the field of medicine, the desired appearance and size can be given to the penis.

Penis enlargement procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure is based on the injection of fat taken from the waist or abdomen through liposuction around the penis after a special procedure. Fat injection, which is applied to enlarge the penis, can be performed together with the surgical lengthening of short penises.

Ankara Penis Enlargement Prices

Ankara penis enlargement prices vary depending on the method to be applied and the experience of the physician, as everywhere else. For detailed information about penis enlargement, you can call 0 (312) 512 77 11 and request an appointment.

Ankara Penis Enlargement And Lengthening

Penis enlargement and lengthening can be performed reliably in Ankara. According to the need, there are more than one method of penis enlargement. An experienced physician should be consulted for both surgical methods, mechanical methods (vacuum) and injection method. After the penis enlargement procedure, the operation area should be protected and the necessary drugs should be used without interruption. In case of any bleeding, medical attention should be sought.

What Are The Penis Enlargement Methods?

In addition to the pulling and squeezing method that will provide blood flow to the penis, surgical penis thickening methods are among the penis thickening methods. There is no permanence and reliability of non-surgical and non-injection-based procedures in penis enlargement.

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