How Circumcision Is Performed In Babies? Circumcision At The Ages Of 2 And 3

Circumcision in infants has been preferred quite frequently in recent years in terms of both faith and health. Parents want to know when the circumcision operation, which is defined as the surgical removal of the tissue at the tip of the penis, will be performed in boys. Circumcision performed in newborns a few days after birth has begun to be preferred in terms of both psychological and health.

Circumcision should be performed by experienced urology specialists in the operating room environment. Circumcision is performed under local anesthesia before the baby reaches 5 kg, and general anesthesia may be needed for babies weighing more than 5 kg. General anesthesia can worry families because it requires fasting before the operation. Therefore, newborn circumcision is very common.

When Circumcision Is Performed In Babies?

Newborn circumcision can be performed a few days after birth at the earliest and it is recommended to be performed within the first month after birth.  Performing circumcision as early as possible in babies without any health problems has a great contribution to the healing process.

The most accurate information about when circumcision should be performed is that it should not be performed between 1.5 and 6 years old. In this age range, children explore their genitals. In this period, circumcision is very harmful for the child's psychology.

Before the circumcision, a general examination is performed. Circumcision can be postponed in case of neonatal jaundice. In addition, in the presence of structural defect in the penis, circumcision may be delayed because this situation requires a comprehensive surgical planning.

Post-Circumcision Recovery Period In Babies

Care in the recovery process after circumcision is very important in babies. Complete recovery may take 1 week for the baby to be cared for at home after circumcision, which is an operation that usually does not require hospitalization. The circumcision area should be protected, contact should be prevented and hygiene should be ensured within this process.

The healing process may be prolonged in the presence of long penile skin, adhesion formation in the penis or bleeding and infection. However, the incidence of these complications is minimal.

Post-Circumcision Care In Babies

The circumcised area should be maximally protected in the post-circumcision period in babies. Medicines prescribed by the physician should be used without interruption. Bathing should be 72 hours after circumcision at the earliest. In case of bleeding, a doctor should be consulted without waiting. It should be noted that the duration of the healing process is different for every child.

Circumcision At Age 2

Circumcision at the age of 2 is not recommended by specialists. If circumcision is not performed until the age of 2, this procedure should be postponed until after the age of 6.

Circumcision At Age 3

Circumcision at the age of 3 should also not be preferred. The most appropriate time for circumcision is decided after a detailed examination by your doctor.

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