Pediatric Laser Stone Fragmentation (Lithotripsy)

Pediatric laser stone fragmentation method is one of the most curious topics. First of all, childhood stone disease is defined as an important health problem. This issue needs to be emphasized more, especially in regions like Turkiye where it is widespread. There are many options for surgical removal of stones. These include fragmentation of stones with shock waves generated outside the body, stone treatments through the urinary canal, percutaneous stone surgery by accessing the kidney through the skin and open stone surgery.

The method of shock waves directed from outside the body hitting the stone and fragmenting it is a treatment method that causes less damage to the surrounding tissues, unlike open surgery. During this procedure, the stones are fragmented and can be easily excreted in the urine.

What is Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy?

What is Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy? A detailed metabolic analysis is necessary to identify the causes of stone formation in children. Depending on the type of stone, medication is usually planned. Stones can also be treated with laser. In this treatment method, procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Majority of stones can be treated with this method. This method is recommended for kidney stones up to 2 cm in the upper and middle part of the ureter. However, this treatment option has certain potential risks. It is necessary to be informed about these in detail.

How Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy is Performed?

How Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy is Performed? Stones in children cause many different problems over time. Therefore, there are certain lithotripsy treatments that should be administered when detected. The most appropriate method for the child's condition is preferred and the treatment process is initiated. At this point, laser lithotripsy is generally observed as a more prominent treatment method.

It is possible to break the stones with external intervention. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Of course, before the treatment, it is determined whether the patient is eligible for this method.

What are the Appropriate Ages for Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy?

What are the Appropriate Ages for Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy? Very successful results are obtained in pediatric laser treatment. Stones in children can lead to adverse conditions over time. There are treatment methods for this. One of these is the laser treatment method.

The age range for this treatment is important. The treatment is administered to children between the ages of 8 months and 15 years. Thus, it is possible to eliminate stone problems.

What are the Advantages of Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy?

What are the Advantages of Pediatric Laser Lithotripsy? In recent years, this method has become very popular. This is because of some of its advantages. Compared to other methods, this method has some advantages and allows patients to recover better. Lithotripsy causes less pain.

The process is also completed in a short time. There are no stitches or incisions. The procedure has no serious risks. Stones are removed at a significantly high rate.

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