Plasma Kinetic TUR-P

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a disease that starts in the 40s and manifests itself with a series of complaints in men. This disease is common in society. Almost half of patients with BPH are treated with Surgery. The gold standard method used for BPH today is TUR-P. Plasma Kinetic TUR-P is a newer and up-to-date technique of classical TUR-P method.

What Is TUR-P?

The word TUR stands for transurethral resection. When this procedure is for the prostate, it is called TUR-P(rostat). Today, it is the gold standard method in the treatment of benign prostate. It is the most up-to-date and most effective treatment modality. This method is performed through different energy sources and different methods. The urinary canal is entered with a lighted endoscopic device. A washing liquid passes through the endoscope and the prostate is visualized by the liquid. The prostate is cut endoscopically and taken out piece by piece. In the classical TUR method, electrical energy is used and the system works by passing electric current through the patient. In other words, an electrode is connected to the patient and an incision process is performed using classical electric current. This system is known as the monopolar TUR system.

What Is Plasma Kinetic TUR-P?

Plasma Kinetic TUR-P is a newer and up-to-date technique. Basically, the prostate is visualized endoscopically and it is cut piece by piece and taken out like the classical TUR procedure. The difference of the plasma kinetic TUR-P method is the device used. This method is a bipolar system. In other words, no electrical current is transmitted to the patient. Energy passes through two points at the end of the device used. Another important difference of this system is that the energy used is plasma kinetic energy instead of electric current. In addition, physiological saline is used as a washing liquid.

Figure: Endoscopic view of the prostate

What Are The Difference Between Plasma Kinetic TUR-P And Classical TUR-P?

The differences between Plasma Kinetic TUR-P and classical TUR-P are:

  • A newer and up-to-date technique
  • A bipolar system
  • No energy current in the patient
  • Saline as the washing solution (SF)
  • It is slightly more costly than the classical method.  

Figure: Red plasma ‘moire’ during Plsma Kinetic TUR-P

What Are The Advantages Of Plasma Kinetic TUR-P?

Plasma kinetic TUR is a very advantageous method compared to the classical TUR method. The most important source of this advantage is that it is a bipolar system, as I mentioned above. Its advantages are:

  • Safer This method is much safer, especially for people with a pacemaker or other heart disease.
  • Less bleeding
  • Less complications
  • A more effective incision system
  • It can be used for a longer time in large volume prostates.
  • Since saline is used as the washing liquid, liquid poisoning called TUR syndrome and seen in the classical TUR-P method is not seen.

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