Robotic Surgery

Ankara robotic surgery is a surgical method that has been started to be performed in our country in recent years. This treatment method, which is very comfortable for the patient and the surgeon, is also defined as the da Vinci Robotic Surgery system.

On the console, the surgeon controls the instruments sent to the operation site through a small incision. Robotic surgery, which is a type of closed surgery technique, is also frequently used in urology.

What Is Robotic Surgery?

Equipment used in robotic surgery can be explained as follows. 3D cameras are placed in the operation area. Cameras have the ability to magnify the image approximately 12 times. The components of robotic surgery, in addition to the cameras, are the 7-stage free-moving arms, also called surgical instruments, and the surgical console under the control of the surgeon. The surgeon can see the operation area and perform surgery through thin pipes called ports.

Features Of Robotic Surgery

Thanks to the 3D cameras used, a sense of depth is gained in the operation area and the operation is performed in a much more comfortable way. Very small areas that are difficult to reach during open surgery can also be easily reached with the help of robotic surgery.

With the remote control system, risks such as hand tremor can also be prevented. Surgical instruments can rotate approximately 540 degrees and thus they can reach any desired area in the operation area.

In Which Fields Robotic Surgery Is Used?

Ankara robotic surgery can be used in obesity surgeries, colon and rectum cancers, cardiovascular diseases and urology.

Robotic Surgery In Urology

The operations in which robotic surgery is used in urology are as follows:

  • Robotic kidney cancer operation
  • Robotic prostate cancer operation
  • Robotic bladder cancer operation

Robotic surgery is a new technology that has recently been used in Turkey. This technology, which provides countless comfort to both the surgeon and the patient, is applied in certain centers by surgeons who have robotic surgery certificate and have been trained on this subject. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa KIRAÇ received robotic surgery training in Strasbourg, France in September 2012 and has been using the robotic surgery system in surgeries since then.