Robotic Surgery Equipment

3-Dimensional Imaging In Laparoscopy

Standard laparoscopic images are acquired by means of a single camera and give a two-dimensional image. This is similar to the images of televisions in our homes that have lack a sense of depth. However, the “da Vinci SI HD robotic surgery system” acquires images through two high-resolution cameras that transmit images to each eye separately. Thus, the surgeon can perform the operation with the help of a 3D image with a sense of depth on the console, just like in our eyes. In addition, the operation area can be enlarged 10-12 times with these cameras. The robot we use in our clinic has the latest HD (High Definition) imaging system.

Robotic Surgical Instruments

Robotic surgical instruments can be defined as small instruments with 7 stages of free movement. The tips of these instruments have the ability to rotate 540 degrees around their own axis through a system called ‘endowrist’. This can be thought of as a rotation of the wrist about 2 times. The instruments can mimic the wrist movements of the human hand. Moreover, these instruments are much smaller than the human hand and can reach places during surgery, where the human hand cannot. And that means the surgeon's ability to suture and tie knot is best reflected on the patient. Compared to standard laparoscopy, this feature has a significant advantage. Since the instruments have the “tremor scaling” feature, they do not transmit the possible hand tremors of the surgeon to the robotic instruments in any way and they do not work outside the control of the surgeon.

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What Is A Surgical Console?

The console is an equipment in the operating room where the surgery is controlled by the surgeon. On the surgical console, the operator can sit comfortably and perform the operation without touching the patient. The surgeon sees the operation site three-dimensional and can give commands using the camera and other instruments with the help of his hands and feet.

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