What Is Holep?

HoLEP is a treatment method that is on its way to becoming the gold standard in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement. The treatment method called HoLEP is defined as the Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate in the medical literature. HoLEP treatment, which was announced in 1995, is a comfortable and safe application for both the patient and the surgeon.

HoLEP Method

HoLEP treatment is applied to patients who complain of benign prostate enlargement and whose quality of life is significantly reduced. The HoLEP treatment, which allows the entire prostate tissue to be removed with the laparoscopic method, is very advantageous in terms of patient comfort and intraoperative complications.

The conditions that require the application to the HoLEP method are as follows:

  • Medication does not help
  • Renal dysfunction
  • Needing a catheter during urination
  • Excessive residual urine in the bladder after urination
  • Persistent and frequently recurring infection
  • Frequent bleeding and stone formation

The above complaints both affect the daily life of the patient and the frequent recurrence of complaints such as infection, bleeding and stone formation can weaken the immune system.

How HoLEP Is Performed?

HoLEP is a treatment method applied through the urinary canal. The enlarged prostate tissue is separated from the prostate capsule and removed by the holmium laser.

While there is a risk of recurrence of the disease in other methods used in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement, the risk of recurrence is extremely rare as the tissue is completely removed in the HoLEP method. This is considered one of the greatest advantages of the treatment method in question. Prostate tissue removed by HoLEP is analyzed in the laboratory and the presence of cancer cells is investigated.

Advantages Of HoLEP

The advantages of HoLEP treatment are:

  • There is almost no bleeding during the procedure. Bleeding is much less compared to conventional laparoscopic surgeries. 
  • Length of hospital stay is very short. The patient can return to daily life in a short time after the procedure.
  • It can be safely performed for people with heart diseases and lung diseases.
  • After the procedure, the patient does not experience erection problems.

In HoLEP, which is a very comfortable method, there is no need for an incision in the application area. The most important factor affecting the success of the treatment is the choice of physician. The risk of complications in performing HoLEP performed by an experienced physician and team is significantly low.

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